Saturday 26 February 2011

The Gift of Giving

Do you give? If so do you do it often? It could be anything from a hug in a time of need to something very unexpected. I'm very lucky to have wonderful friends who in the past have given me such gifts that I treasure so dearly, that when I miss them, I go to what they have given me, find it comforts me a little miss them a little less.
I've been commissioned to create two custom one of a kind outfits for a friend and I couldn't help feeling a little inspired, so in the gift of giving I drew for her. (Though she doesn't know about it yet!)

So, here is her character, Celeste.

Sunday 20 February 2011

Told You It Was An Artwork Day

I managed to get some new artwork up on my Deviantart account. As promised, nothing beats blowing the cobwebs away then some loud music and lots of tea!
First piece was of my character Kamui, I don't draw him nearly as much as I should and the second was a teaser piece I did for Marc Antony Jones before he hired me to work on his comic with him ^^
I'll be putting up more later. See you then I hope!

Thursday 17 February 2011

Today Feels Like An Artwork Day...

I wonder how many artists get struck with the same idea. 'Today I'm going to do nothing more than draw.' I have a few other hobbies that suck up my time as well as being an avid gamer, but today I just feel like putting pen to paper and seeing what comes out.
I've a fair amount of art work for 'The Art Of Shadows' soon to be posted up and I think I might kick that off with some promotional books marks! Perhaps even some mock flyers to be made up to celebrate/advertise its eventual release. I'm not the hottest graphics designer in the world, I prefer to simply draw but I'll give it a go and who knows what will turn out!

Monday 14 February 2011

I Spy With My Blind Eye

A new piece of work for The Art of Shadows is up, its called 'I Spy With My Blind Eye.' Nancy, who is one of the main characters of the story is pretty much blind. Not in the way that she cannot see, it's that her eyes are very sensitive to light and tend to go a grey hue when she's in the light.

The Art Of Shadows is an illustrated look at the world of Reyes and Nancy as well as the portrayal of their life and the trials they face.
Up against the odds in a dying world, faced with love, loss, death and betrayal, Stephanie Moule illustrates scenes and emotions as written by Nicola Pennicott.
Reyes is a difficult and misunderstood young man with who has bitten off more than he meant too with a less then human woman. Finding solice in music and alcohol, he drowns his sorrows at a bar that satisifies his needs. There he relucantly meets a young woman, Nancy. This bright young woman breathes life into all she touches and stands out in a world so dark and grim. The darkness haunts Reyes. threatening his every move, watching and waiting to drag him down into pain and torment, suffering and torture again and again. Despite this, the young woman, Nancy manages to bring warmth and comfort to him, but how long can it last when every day maybe your last?

All work is Copyright to Stephanie Moule (that's me!) and Nicola Pennicott

Friday 11 February 2011

Music? Background noise?

So while you're putting pen to paper, what do you have on in the background?
Is it your favourite band of all time? The favouite band of the moment? Or classical music? Or sound tracks to games or films? Maybe its even it's a film or the T.V, though I don't see Jeremy Kyle being too inspiring for all you artists out there.
I'm curious, what keep you going, or is it just silent...

Personally, I can't work in silence, it's always background music, or a film, mostly, Studio Ghibli or Final Fantasy Soundtracks. So go on, fill me!

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Manga Studio?

Well a lovely artist suggested the program to me today <3 That's Jatzu's blog spot, feel free to go check her out, she has a fantastic style. One I really admire, its so lose and flowing yet at the same time refined and the line work has such depth to it!

Anyway, I was told Manga studio was able to produce better line arts then regular old photoshop, so as we speak I'm downloading the program now and I'll give it a go. I'll see how it works out and let you know how it works out. Feel free to share examples of any of your Manga Studio work here! It's the free trial by the way ^^

Monday 7 February 2011


Why hello there, welcome to the blog of Stephanie Moule <3 This will be my blog for art as well as my illustrated project THE ART OF SHADOWS!
I'm just working out some kinks and then I'll be posting more for you, so keep your eyes peeled as I'll be revealing more information and artwork this week!