Wednesday 9 November 2011

Did you think I'd gone?

Did you think I'd gone?

Sorry things are all quiet ladies and gents, same story I guess I need a job to keep going and keep the flat and as well for paying for my beautiful little kitten Demi <3
That's right Nicky and I have a kitten together, she is crazy, loving and beautiful and fits perfectly in our flat. She is grey with flecks of gingers and whites.

As for artwork I've landed an llustration gig I'm just waiting on more details to get started, I know Meant for Me has gone quiet but I am still working on it fear not, infact this is my night off so I'm hoping to get the next page finished. I've actually got it all drawn up I need to do the layout and the text. I've also caught a case of the sewing bug but haven't had a chance to do anything.

Anyway, BJD wise I've reshelled Lily and I've my eyes set on the last of my BJD crew, STAR!
Time for me to get going and get some work done, I had an asthma attack yesterday in work and it left me exhausted all day today, I've only just found my energy tee hee!

Hope you are all well!