Thursday 26 May 2011

Us Un Ltd

I’m currently getting my website up and running but in the mean time, you know how I like to do lots of things at once!

Us Un Ltd is a fantastic  group of young people who have the drive to set up a project called ‘The Getaway’ The aim of the group is to help promote advice and information to people who are at risk of homelessness. It has also been nominated for the Philip Lawrence Awards Network, showing the very best of the team’s dedication in Flintshire. Not only that the Us Unltd are going from strength to strength as the ladies, Cat, Steph and Shaneice recently won the  Inspirational Young Women Award!
There are many charities and causes that people are able to support these days but having faced dire circumstances myself and this being a close to the heart, close to the home cause I’m pledging myself to assist in any way I can.  In order to help raise funds and awareness Us Un Ltd have a shop in Flint where they sell goods made by their staff and volunteers.
Here you can find there Facebook:

Sunday 15 May 2011

Update and New Art

So where have I been?

No where. That's actually the truth, physically I've not been any where however mentally I've been working on getting out of this pit. Some days are better then others. Other days are lower but hey ho. That's how it goes right?

But anyway, I've new artwork up and new face ups going up as we speak, well type rather. I'm currently hooked on my DS with FF Tactics tee hee.
I really miss my friends, I'm alone here but I'm getting used to it. I've got some wonderful doll friends who I meet once a month, which I have a guest in my doll family at the moment. He's so sweet I'm quiet falling for him myself tee hee. But Kim, god bless her, actually went to the trouble of buying me FF IV The Complete Collection on my PSP just as a cheer up.thankyou.
Then the lovely Lulu sent me a plushie.
Oh which reminds me I can sew dresses now. Lulu helped me and I went to my grandmother and begged her to help xD So expect a lot of dresses soon ^_^

Peace and love to you all, thanks for sticking with me <3

And just for that I'll give you an Art of Shadows preview/teaser!

Tuesday 3 May 2011

May Already?!

Ack where is the time going? Between Easter Bunnies and Royal weddings we're in May already?
Delays have been caused due to some tattoo work that left me unable to walk >< Buuuut there are updates on the way, Art of Shadows the book is being worked on, images are being cleaned up and getting ready to put in the book as we speak!

What do you like to see in an illustration book though? Character work? Romance? Action? Conflict? Whats your favourite part ne?
For me its the character design!