Thursday 21 July 2011

Getting the hang of digital!

Been working some more on 'Meant for Me' the manga being written by Kerry Wadsley and Illustrated by myself.
This is the insert page for the manga 'Meant for Me' This is essentially the first page a visual introduction to the characters who will be involved in the story ^_^
So far I've ten pages written out and have begun sketching them all, next to ink and so on. Its a real challenge.
Here you can see the cover:
Followed by the insert page:

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Where does the time go?

Where does the time go?

Is it just me who thinks this year is flying by so so fast? We're already in July and worse yet nearing August! I'm still hoping to get The Art Of Shadows published by the end of this year though! I've found and joined a new website to help get some notice of my drawings hopefully soon, its called Paper Demon, any one else hear of it?

Please remember guys I'm still up for commission, I'm still doing face ups and I've still got some prints for sale too < 3 So if you fancy getting some prints or a pretty face on your BJD just drop me a note!

The projects that I'm working on are still Meant for Me the manga which I'm really enjoying I've the first part planned out already and the first few pages done. As well as Art Of Shadows which I'd say is abouy 60% complete so far!

I'm ratehr excited about FFXIII- 2 which hopefully we'll see in January hopefully! Apart from that, how is every one else hm?

Commissions - Face Ups - Prints For Sale

You can also now find me at Paperdemon!

Saturday 2 July 2011

Back into the Digital Frey!

So I've been avoiding it for as long as I could now, but oddly starting Tales of Symphonia again reminded me of how much I wanted to colour again, I finally bit the bullet and got some help and got on with it. I'm actually very pleased with the results!

So what do you guys think?