Tuesday 31 January 2012

How goes 2012?

So how are you all? I've had some bad luck this year, so far anyway. Firstly, my main computer has broken so I've lost some of my editing programs, so everything is going back to being hand inked. Not that I mind though. I'm started to save up for a Mac anyway. I'm also on the look out for a new graphics tablet! Art wise I've the next few pages of Meant for Me done as well as one of two (if not more) character sheets done as well as come bonus artwork planned. (Pretty bishies in the shower any one?)

But how are you all anyway?

I've some new artwork that needs to be uploaded, however I'm actually away at the moment till Tuesday and I'm sure the release of FFXIII-2 will slow things down tee hee!
Doll wise my collection is complete in terms of getting them home all my characters are here or on their way. (Star is the last to arrive and Lily has been reshelled.) So Liquid Sugar is going to get some serious dedication as well. In terms of the 'real world' I'm actually away at my partners parents home for the moment but will be returning soon. I'm also job hunting until I can get my artwork & sewing off the ground. I'll be attending JCC Con in September with my Liquid Sugar goods so there is one start off eh?

I've also kindly been given a lovely subsciption so I think I might start doing some weekly polls just for some giggles!
So c'mon then, how have you all been?

Peace & Love

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