Tuesday 28 February 2012

Life Changes

Hello again!
How are you all?IOt's been nearly a month since Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released I wonder how many of you have completed it? I'm very close but at the same time I want to go fragment hunting.

Some big changes are going to be happening in my life and for once, they are all for the better. Normally people have to change because they have to not because they want to. I'd like to think I don't want much in life. A job I can enjoy that pays enough to keep a roof over my head, the debt collectors at bay and food on the table. Ideally sewing or drawing : ) A home, not neccesarily a big one, just some where safe and warm. My lover and my friends.
Sure it would be nice to be a millionaire, but to me that would just be a bonus. I'm getting married in as few months, cant lie if I said I wasnt nervous. This month I ended up going to a doll meet with some very good friends that has convinced both Nicky and I its time to move on. Move down to that area that is! Finally, living close to friends again we have missed it so much. I've managed to change my hours at work. I don't like the job I'm doing and it cuts my days in half, so I've fiddled my hours around so I wont lose as many hours but I will have more time to work on Liquid Sugar!

Anyways, rambling aside how is every one?

Peace & Love,

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