Friday 30 March 2012


Firstly, hello all <3 How are you hope things are going well for you ^^
My finished work, reworked and inked as well as some extra sneaky prints of The Art of Shadows can be seen there, so feel free to pop by!
- All work will be traditionally done and scanned in for you with a watermark, you will be sent a private copy which won have a watermark.
- You can request to have the original posted to you, however postage must be covered by you.
- I am willing to draw anything your heart desires so feel free to drop me an email to discuss what you’d like.
- Payment is to be made by paypal.
- Pricing, all work will be inked at no extra cost to you.
Single Charcter Torso up: $5 (Add another character for $3)
Full bodied Character: $10 (Add another character for $4)
 Once your chosen artwork is discussed I will give you an estimated time as well as send you progress WIP scans too!

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