Monday 4 June 2012

Mrs Valentyne

Well, here we are.
I am officially a spoken for woman, I am now married and so very proud to be Mrs Valentyne. Neither Nicky or I wanted to carry on with our previous surnames so last year Nicky changed her surname to one we both came up with/agreed upon so that when we married, I would take her name.
We couldn't of asked for better weather, it was a gloriously sunny day and apparently our vows that we had written ourselves brought most people to tears. Our friends and family that were there had such lovely things to say, one comment that struck me was how evident it was to every one how much we loved one another.
I wont bore you with the details, we had a fantastic honeymoon just to drop in the mention. We also booked for next year. (Provided Nicky hasn't divorced me by then XD)

Now onto Artwork & Faceups/Sewing. I will be putting my all into them over the next two months. A storm is brewing and you shall see -shakes fist- YOU SHALL SEE!

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